AVIANA is a luxe legwear label offering bold and daring fashion tights that are made in Italy.
Each style has been designed to encourage women to embrace their sophisticated femininity, showcase their fashion creativity and champion their freedom to be their fabulous selves.

Lean into your feminine superpower

The Brand

AVIANA is all about encouraging women to lean into their femininity. It's time to break the glass ceiling one pair of fashion tights at a time by hanging up your pants and honouring your legs.

We inspire, we empower and we celebrate women. 

We invite you to indulge into the fabulous lifestyle of AVIANA...a place of self-love, self expression, self-assurance and not to mention, loads of French champagne. 

There's a little AVIANA in all of us

Who is AVIANA?

Guess what? There's a little AVIANA in all of us.
AVIANA is your strong, bold and exuberant alter ego who oozes confidence and sass. She fiercely stands up for what she believes in with an inner strength that exudes the true nature of a modern day boss lady.  She values her freedom of choice and she's not afraid to turn heads with her effortless style, purely driven by her desire to own her own inner beauty.  She's a spirited fashionista who some days plays it safe and other days, is sexy AF.

Back to our Italian roots

Italy - delicious food, amazing wine, high end fashion, breathtaking landscapes, alluring eye candy and luxe legwear, all in the one place? What more could one ask for?

AVIANA connects our fashion forward desire to the world's fashion capital. But it's not just Italy’s incredible culture that draws us in - it's the world-class fashion houses that boast superior craftsmanship resulting in fine details and styles that elicit attention (admittedly the pasta and wine are also very attractive selling points).

With the highest quality at the forefront of our mind, we travelled across the globe to bring you fashion tights made from the finest Italian yarn that is OEKO-TEX® certified - fancy hosiery jargon for - they're safe from any harmful chemicals.